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Avantage is based in the Inland Empire and offers professional Infrared Thermography and Thermography Consulting.

What is Infrared Thermography? It is a modern technology that allows us to see into the Infrared spectrum, a spectrum the human eye can not visualize. Thermography allows us to visualize energy in the form of temperatures.

How can seeing into the Infrared spectrum help you? Thermography can capture differences in temperatures of various surfaces. Homes, buildings, facilities, can all benefit from knowing where temperature differences exist, and how they affect comfort, safety, production, and energy efficiency. The tool of the trade is the Thermal Imager, often called an “Infrared Camera”. The end product of Thermography is the thermal image, or thermogram. Seen below is a thermogram of the community college building where Avantage Infrared started.


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Thermography is an exciting and growing technology, so if you have any questions about how Infrared Thermography can help you, please contact Avantage via email at avantageinfrared@gmail.com.